Waterfall Wonderland Ride

Route Distance: 153 miles with almost 300 curves

Gasoline Locations: Eminence, Winona, Thayer, Mammoth Spring

Time Frame: 4-5 hours (Add another hour to hike down to Greer Spring. It's a good hike, very wild and well worth it!)

Attractions along the Route: Scenic Highway 19 Roller Coaster, Eleven Point River, Greer Spring, Mammoth Spring and Rocky Falls

The Waterfall Wonderland Ride is a very scenic loop that will take you to some of the most beautiful springs and waterfalls in the midwest. Curvy Ozark backroads are numerous on this bike-worthy adventure.

Mammoth Spring, Arkansas has a visitors center as well as the vintage dam and old power station graced by gorgeous water that feeds the Spring River.

Rocky Falls is a biker's favorite and a great place to hike, rock climb and swim. About one third mile of good gravel road does not keep most bikers from seeing its beauty.

Directions: Departing from Eminence head south on Scenic HWY 19 (after 15 miles you will be riding the HWY 19 Roller Coaster). 2 miles after the Eleven Point River bridge is the trail head to Greer Spring (a good long hike to huge gushing spring); keep heading south until HWY 19 dead ends at HWY 63. Take a left on HWY 63 for 3 miles. Mammoth Spring and Visitors' Center is on the left (a must see).

From there, turn right on HWY 63 and go north for 2 miles. Take a right on HWY 142 and go east for 22 miles. Take a left on HWY Y and head north for 8 miles. Take a right on HWY 160 and go east for 6 miles to HWY J and then go north for 20 miles through the woods to HWY 60. Take a left for 11 miles to HWY 19.

Take a right for one mile to HWY H and take another right for 10 miles to HWY NN. Take a right for 2 miles to the Rocky Falls turnoff. Follow the gravel road to the falls parking lot. Double back to HWY H and take a right for 5 miles to HWY 106 and turn left for 7 miles back to Eminence.

Map of Waterfall Wonderland Ride