Tour Guide

These tours take you on paved backroad adventures with endless twisties and long-banked sweepers to see the natural wonders of the Ozarks.

Where the Paths Cross

Try these great motorcycle rides!

All routes snake through the deeply forested hills and valleys surrounding the incredible Jack’s Fork and Current Rivers . . .

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    Jesse James Getaway

    The Jesse James Getaway is named in honor of the famous outlaw, Jesse James, who along with the James Gang robbed a train at Gad’s Hill, Missouri in 1874. They got about a 60 mile head start and headed west on some fast horses and got away quickly running along the beautiful creeks, over the hills and through the woods to Maggard’s Cabin on the Current River.

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  • Scenic Highway 19

    Ozark Hellbender

    The Ozark Hellbender is one curvy route to remember. Riders come from all over the world for the scenery and sweepers of Scenic Highway 19. This exciting loop will take you by several spectacular springs like Round Spring, Montauk Spring and Alley Spring and Mill that will surely thrill.

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    Waterfall Wonderland

    The Waterfall Wonderland Ride is a very scenic loop that will take you to some of the most beautiful springs and waterfalls in the midwest. Curvy Ozark backroads are numerous on this bike-worthy adventure. Rocky Falls is a biker’s favorite and a great place to hike, rock climb and swim. About one-third mile of good gravel road does not keep most bikers from seeing its beauty.

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    Big Spring Sidewinder

    The Big Spring Sidewinder will take you on some very scenic and twisty backroads where you can explore several beautiful, gushing springs that purge from majestic limestone bluffs in awesome settings. Even in the dry years these azure-colored “rivers from the earth” run generously providing an average of over 350 million gallons per day of cool, 58-degree, fresh and clear water.

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    Elephant Rocks and Roll

    Elephant Rocks and Roll route is an adventure packed ride that takes you to some very different and spectacular places. The journey is loaded with sweepers, has some great places to hike, and samples a few of the unique state parks and geologic wonders of our area.

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